I Dare You To Mount The Same Stage With Me - AK Songstress To Kaakie

The Ghanaian female dancehall circles is slowly turning into a very competitive one. The music industry this year has seen quite a number of beefs this year, mostly between their male counterparts. But this time, its a who new "Ball game". Reminds me on Tanya Stephens and Lady Saw fued

As i have earlier reported, Kaakie, an award winning female musician in Ghana, released a song "Sankwas" which was believed to have been targeted at BET Award Nominee and fellow dancehall act, MzVee.

She later stated that the song wasn't intended for anybody in particular.

However, in her new song - Time Up, she mentioned some names. And one of them was AK Songstress.

AK Songstress didn't take the issue lightly, and released "Naked Truth" in reply to Kaakie.

Apparently, AK Songstress isn't resting on the issue at all, as she called out Kaakie, challenging her to mount the same stage with her.

This is what she said on Twitter,

Keep Your fingers crossed for the song