Sarkodie and Manifest, What Actually Started This Beef

Well, well, well, here we are. This is something I actually saw coming.

Just incase you are lost in this Sarkodie and Manifest beef, let me give you a quick recap.

So, E.L had a song titled "King Without A Crown" which was released on his "Bar II" mixtape last year.

E.L goes on to win five awards at the 2016 VGMAs and his fans started hailing him as King With A Crown

Sarkodie releases a song titled "Bossy" in which he states that "I am a king, but don't think I need a crown"

Then fans start "smelling beef" between Sarkodie and El and hence started to compare them using the Hashtag #SarkodieOrEL

M.anifest conteracts Sarkodie's Bossy with godMc which was clearly intended at making a point that Sarkodie, who claims to be the Undisputed King of Rap should give way, because kings bow down to gods, and he (Manifest) is the god of rap music in Ghana.

Then Sarkodie replies M.anifest with a cover version of Desiigner's Panda, which he called Kanta, in which he took direct shots at M.anifest, attacking his fashion sense and his afrocentrism.