Kumasi Movies Are Mostly Trashy - Isaac Rockson

Many are those who have complained bitterly about the current trend of Ghanaian movies and the fact that majority of the film producers, especially the Kumasi-based ones, are not producing quality movies.

A controversial film director cum critic, Mr. Isaac Rockosn, has hit hard on film producers in Kumasi describing their works as trash.

According to him, movies that are produced in Kumasi are mostly trash and must not be taken serious.

Speaking on Ashh fm’s Entertainment Zone, Isaac Rockson threw verbal punches on the producers in Kumasi for producing bad movies on the market.

Mr. Rockson told sit –in host Kamil Umar that majority of Kumasi film producers are polluting the market with their waste.

He added that the quality of movies Kumasi film makers are shooting is destroying the image of Ghana, thereby making it difficult for the good ones to be reorganized internationally.

But in a quick rebuttal, the chief executive officer of Mizpa Film Production rubbished the accusation been levelled against their integrity.

According to him, Rockson is nobody when it comes to filming in Kumasi. ‘’ rockson is an attention seeker , he is nobody in this industry ‘’ he added.