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Music, the tool that can soothe your heart when in misery, is powerful than some of us may see it.
Over the past few years, we can testify that the Ghanaian music industry has a bright future ahead and is constantly growing with new players coming into the industry either as artistes or record labels.

New artistes rise up with songs that not only delight people, but also send several messages across to people, either to cheer them up or charge them to create a positive social change.

The music industry indeed draws a lot of attention, not only from the youth but also from the older generation who often dance to these tunes whenever they hear them being played.


Blacklion Entertainment is a company, whose music is more to a person than just entertainment. It is about human aspiration and artistic truth and serves as a universal, pan-cultural language. Blacklion Entertainment highly appreciates the value and inspiration of music in supporting peaceful cultural diversity and societal unity.

It provides a blend of traditional and future-oriented cultural musical sounds to the world in the form of music and video, through radio and TV broadcasting as well as live performances at concerts, festivals, clubs, and musical competitions.
According to its website, “Blacklion is administered with a strong sense of speed, professionalism, and competitive urge; we only stop when it’s done.”


Blacklion Entertainment has an exceptional experience in artiste management, as artistes signed under Blacklion, get the opportunity to see their musical talents develop and nurtured.

With a cutting edge production system, Blacklion maintains a high-quality and world-class signal in all its music recordings. As a brand, Blacklion’s pillars are hard work and focus. These pillars distinguish Blacklion in the industry in which it finds itself.

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Author: Kwesi Otoo, threesixtyGh Writer