Lyrics: Eshun (@eshunonline) - Didadi (Prod By Dr. Ray)

Verse 1
When my heart heavy, everytindey blurry, notin fi calm me
But music bi ma escape from worry, yes from worry
You got your heart heavy and everytindey blurry
Baby listen to me, cos music be the right escape from worry yes from worry
So I got you singing like

Didadi didadididadididadididadididadididadidididididi.
Verse 2
Are you feeling lonely, you not the only one
Put the song pon replay, me phone da me nie so eh
When my problems dey weigh me, and ebi like say I never go survive eh
I remember say when I walk through the shadow of the dead
Notin fi harm mi

When your problems dey weigh you, and ebi like say you never go survive eh
Remember say when you walk through the shadow of the dead
Notin fi harm you

Didadi didadididadididadididadididadididadidididididi.

Sɛatei ma mekanyinaa nee.
Otsɛrkoraa, ebefeeli fine eh
When the song send chills down your spine eeh..
It is only one song, what is the name of the song,

Let me hear you say girl
No need for weed and wine.
Zaihianye didadi one line eh.

Hey heyheyheyheyhey
Rafiki, osijali, it means dont worry.

Didadi didadididadididadididadidididadidididadidadidaadididi.

Incase You missed the song, you can get it here