Azealia Banks Took Shots At Zayn & UK Rappers

I thought i had seen enough of Twitter rants, especially with Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West and all of that crap till I actually saw a tweet by Azaelia Banks making a comment about 'How Disgraceful The UK Hiphop Scene Was'.

At first, i didn't pay attention to it. I just quoted it and asked a few UK rappers what i thought of this.

A few hours down the line, I'm on twitter again, to see Azaelia Banks trending (She still is), and then i started taking this seriously.
After hours of research, i finally got hold of screenshots of tweets by Azaelia and Zayn, the Pillowtalk hitmaker
This Is How It All Started

And this followed 
And things started to get really ugly

Then the Racism Started