10 Reasons Why Rocky Dawuni Deserved To Win VGMA 'Record of the Year' 2016

Rocky Dawuni is one huge name that carries a lot of weight and reverence when it comes to Ghana Music Industry. His numerous feats in the past years, at least 20 years, is overwhelming. Nonetheless, he was extremely phenomenal in 2015 taking his music and message to higher levels, which has crept beyond just recording in studio or performing music on stage. All these accumulated efforts in and outside studio within the past year (2015), are what made him visible enough to be nominated for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) 2016 among other award platforms.

Not to end up writing a verbose analysis, below are some 10 summarized points that form basis to why he needs to win his nominated category “Record of the Year” with his timeless song “Shine A Light” from his latest album “Branches of the Same Tree”;

 1. Rocky Dawuni was the first Ghanaian to be nominated for a GRAMMY with his 6th album “Branches of the Same Tree”, under Cumbancha Records.

2. Rocky Dawuni is a protégé known throughout the world as a pivotal face that represents rich Ghanaian music; for producing quality music and as well immense involvement in creative activism.

3. Rocky Dawuni is an incredible songwriter whose works have been recognized around the world with various awards and exposure.

4. Rocky Dawuni is an extremely innovative musician who puts in a lot of versatility in his work as seen on VGMA nominated song "Shine a Light” – mixing Reggae, New Orleans vibes with his signature Afro Roots sound – a superb blend for international appeal.

5. Rocky Dawuni was the first Ghanaian to have his music used by world international football body, FIFA. His music, used on FIFA World Cup games (e.g) "African Soccer Fever”, "Download the Revolution” and “African Thriller".

6.  Rocky Dawuni was the Ghanaian to play with celebrated musicians like Stevie Wonder, Bono, John Legend, Jason Mraz and others – these are musicians of historic appeal who are celebrated across the world – and Rocky was able to rock with them, proving to Ghana and the world how far he takes Ghanaian music on the international level.

7. Rocky Dawuni was the first Ghanaian musician to host a club promoting African music in California called “Afro Funke’” which has been going strong for 13 years, consistently.

8. Rocky Dawuni was the first Reggae musician to singularly organize his own show, yearly, and consistently over a decade with the “Rocky Dawuni’s “Independence Splash” that begun the wave of the current “Independence Day” celebrations, which now take place in Ghana annually featuring cutting edge music and arts.
9. Rocky Dawuni is a United Nations Foundation Ambassador for the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

10. Rocky Dawuni is of the first Ghanaians to have his music played in Jamaica on Irie FM – Jamaica’s topmost radio network – and who has performed many time with many members of the legendary Marley Family.

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