Tenets of a Good PR Campaigns

For every product or service you intend putting out there, spend time developing a good public relations campaign. A public relations campaign consists of a series of activities that are planned in advance and relate to achieving a specific goal. Like every other aspect of business management, public relations campaigns have very simple dos and don’ts. Overlooking the importance of these simple rules can break your brand’s identity for good.
Have a specific objective, know the Outcome
The first step towards a successful PR Campaign is clearly defining the objective of the campaign and its expected outcome. Taking time to draw this line helps you stay focused and keep to a specific message to give out. Often, once a product or service is developed, business owners just hit the market without developing any proper PR plan.
Whether you decide to outsource the execution of your PR Campaign to a professional or you aim at doing yourself, you need to make a list of your aims, set a target for your campaign, research on how effective your campaign strategy will be and develop a monitoring plan for the campaign.
In summary, setting your objective which becomes your roadmap should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.
After drawing the roadmap for your campaign, the next step to achieving an effective PR Campaign is sending your message through the right channels to the right audience.
Before making a tall list of journalists, radio and tv stations, websites etc. you need to define clearly the audience you wish to reach out to. Often, PR campaigns target an entire population but it needs to target a specific group who will respond to your message positively.
There are varied media through which PR Campaigns can be circulated and you can opt to use all but note that not all may be sending your message to those it is meant to reach. Define your audience clearly and tailor your choice of media to reach this target.
Send Right Message
With your roadmap set and your target well defined, implementing them is the next step. Implementing your PR Campaign simply means sending the message about your product or service out.
It is difficult to generate stories or develop creative angles that will get your PR Campaign noticed but that is just what is needed to make a statement. The message should be simple, concise, easily explainable and should communicate the aim of the product or service. The message should just spur the audience to take a particular action.
The message may come in the form of press releases or audio-visual materials (fliers, jingles or videos). In all cases, they should lack any form of ambiguity.
Make your PR Campaigns worth the time and effort spent on them by starting it right. Do not forget you need to monitor your campaign once you begin implementation. If it becomes necessary, just upgrade your strategy.  You want a practical lesson of good PR Campaigns? Follow the Hellofood and learn.
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