Junior Marvin of The Wailers Band features In Sarah Güsten-Marr’s Project Video

Junior Marvin, legendary guitarist of Bob Marley’s Wailers Band is pictured in Sarah Gusten-Marr’s upcoming song video for her latest single “Forgotten”.

The “Forgotten” song is a project song by International Curator/Philanthropist, Sarah Güsten-Marr which epitomizes the war stricken history of Liberia. The song is not meant to rub wounds of the gory past of Liberia; Sarah touches basically on this topic to eulogize the present state of Liberia on how they were able to overcome those hazy days of wars and inhuman conditions.

Sarah Güsten-Marr was born in Liberia, West Africa, in 1970 – an orphan baby, she was adopted by German parents and brought up together with her two older sisters in West Africa, Germany, USA, and Italy. The family educated all three girls to become citizens of the world. Sarah feels it is necessary to recount the story of her home country to “remind ourselves occasionally about the past, so we don’t end up making a U-turn to those circumstances again. We’ve seen the light and we have better days now, so while we remind ourselves of the past, it is very necessary and colourful to rejoice in the joy we have now. This song is also to celebrate other orphans across the world who might have gone through same circumstances or even worse, that there are better days and they must strive to get out of their predicaments and make something meaningful for themselves and others around them too. I am an example of one of those orphans who was able t overcome all those eerie situations.”

According to Sarah, the legendary Jamaican guitarist (Junior Marvin) has been a very great source of inspiration for her in her music career, apart from being a great friend as well.

The official music video is shot on location in the UK – Sarah’s art gallery (Gallery GM), and should be out officially some time soon.

Sarah is involved in a lot of projects – she recently launched a “Cultural Crossings” initiative in Ghana on Saturday, Febraury 20, 2016 at a ceremony in Accra, Ghana – at Best Western Premier Hotel. “Cultural Crossings” is an initiative put together to provide the opportunity for chosen Liberian or Ghanaian artists to explore other African cultures in other countries. Sarah Güsten-Marr already runs her own international artist in resident program in England.

Junior Marvin (born 1949 as Donald Hanson Marvin Kerr Richards Jr) also known as Junior Marvin-Hanson, Junior Hanson and Junior Kerr, is a Jamaican-born guitarist and singer best known for his association with Bob Marley and The Wailers. He started his career as Junior Marvin with the band Hanson in 1973. Marvin has also been associated with Gass, Keef Hartley Band, Toots & the Maytals and Steve Winwood. In 2007, Marvin recorded a solo album entitled Wailin' For Love. In 2008 Marvin, along with Al Anderson, formed The Original Wailers and Junior left this Band in April 2011.

Below are the links to Sarah’s “Forgotten” song. Do take a listen and buy from the listen music stores as well.

Listen to 'Forgotten': http://gustenmarrsounds.com/listen/

Reverbnation: http://rvrb.fm/1SwsPi5

(Story: Elorm Beenie)