Liecester City Fan Cashes Out On $250,000 Premier League Title Bet, Hours Before Their Win At Watford

Leicester City fan across the country are getting increasingly twitchy as we approach the business end of the Premier League season.
If you had the incredible foresight to back Claudio Ranieri's side to lift the Premier League trophy, chances are you you're doubly anxious.
And those handful of punters that inexplicably backed the Foxes to win the title before the start of the season are beginning to crack under the prospect of securing a miraculous six-figure win.

Despite being a categorised as relegation candidates, with odds of winning the league priced at 5,000-1, a steady stream of bettors have been cashing out on their long shot punts as the title chase begins to heat up.
Earlier this season, one anxious Leicester supporter took a £1,200 profit on their bet before the Foxes lost in stoppage time to Arsenal.
And now a fan has cut and run on a potential £250,000 win-fall.
The gambler, who has remained anonymous, stood to win a quarter of million pounds from the £50 pre-season bet on Leicester City to win the league at the start of the season.
Taken just hours before Claudio Ranieri's side went onto beat Watford in a cagey game at Vicarage Road, the punter opted to take the £72,335 offered to him by Ladbrokes.
According to the Daily Mirror, Riyad Mahrez's goal, which keeps Leicester five points clear at the top of the table, cost the customer nearly £20,000 in potential winnings.
"I read the papers on Saturday morning and thought it's time to cash out," he said.
"Win or lose the league, I'm looking forward to the rest of the season ahead. It will mean so much if we win, so there's no point in being greedy.
"I'll be celebrating tonight hopefully after beating Watford. A holiday to Spain is a certainty followed by paying off the mortgage with the winnings."

 Source: Telegram