Keep The Gate Way To Life Clean

For me, I would rank what the scientists call the “buccal cavity” as the second most important part of the body after the heart for the survival of humans. Once upon a teacher in one of biology classes revealed to us that the dirtiest part of the body was the mouth. Although most of us argued the truth of this assertion, we seemed to have lost the point our teacher was driving at.  The stress from the teacher was taking good care of your mouth because of its importance to the survival of the humans.
The mouth receives into the body the food and water that are transformed into nutrients that nourish the body for survival. Without the mouth how would a person take in food into the body?
Like every other part of the body, special or extra care must be given to the mouth to ensure it is extremely healthy to perform its task.
  1. Brush your teeth at least twice each day. This is probably the most common oral health practice you have heard since birth. Brushing your teeth twice simply means that is the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing before you sleep. The little extra knowledge you need to know is that tooth brush and the method used matters. The tooth brush you use should have soft bristles and last you about two to three months and should be replaced once the bristles bend. A hard bristle can cause injury to the teeth and gums. Overly aggressive brushing can damage teeth and erode your gum line. You therefore need to do it gently in short circular motions.
  2. Smoking and chewing of tobacco should not be an option for you if you want a healthy mouth. The harmful effects of smoking on your oral health are enormous. Apart from the popular side effect of smoking being cancer, the activity can also cause your teeth to turn slightly yellow (which is a popular sight on the teeth of smokers) and eat away the gums creating the right environment for bacteria growth.
  3. Reduce sugar in take. Good blood glucose level is a requisite for a healthy mouth. High level of sugar is a major catalyst for tooth decay, promotes bacterial growth and raises acidity level in the mouth. The rippling effects of these is formation of plagues that eat away the enamel and gums. Cut down on sugary treats and be saved from the discomfort of an unhealthy mouth.
  4. Avoid dry mouth. Dry mouth could be one of the side effects of a drug you are taking. It is unhealthy for the mouth to be dry, you there need to constantly keep your mouth watered. Regular drinking of water is your best way out, however, when you identify this as a result of a drug you are taking, you must quickly seek the attention of a health practitioner.
  5. Visiting the dentist regularly. It is no secret this is not a practice most people are accustomed to. The only time the dentist is visited is when there is a serious health condition that has to do with the buccal cavity. Unfortunately, this should not be the case. The best practice is to have regular checks at least two or three times in a year. Do not wait to be a victim of a severe oral health condition.
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