Kanye West Changes The Name Of His Album Again - Check Out The New Name

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Just when i thought all was done and dusted with Kanye West and the name of his forthcoming album, he does it again. Kanye earlier yesterday tweeted something very interesting, to say the least.

This tweet got me all confused, or made me think Kanye may be a little confused, given that he tweets a lot these days.
After changing, the name of his album from Swish To Waves, i thought this whole drama about changing album title was over. Especially after what happened between him and Wiz Khalifa.

Now, he has apparently named his forthcoming album 'The Life Of Pablo". 
As to who Pablo is, nobody really knows.

He later tweeted what looks like the final tracklist for the album.

I just hope this is the last time he changes the name of his album...
Don't know what to call this kind of publicity stunt it is though.