Five Sure Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Stronger This Valentine

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When you are in love, every single day becomes worth celebrating. And Valentine’s Day is one occasion when you absolutely do not want to miss being with your special someone, and go that extra mile to make them feel loved. Couples all over the world make plans days ahead of February 14 to create fond memories. But, what if you are in a long-distance relationship? Being all by yourself, with your partner miles away on Valentine’s Day can be tough. But there is no reason to worry anymore, as we have five of the most romantic ways for you to celebrate this special day together, even while being away physically.

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy the valentine season with your long-distance loved:

Start Off With A Simple ‘I Love You’ Call

Don’t mess this one up. Pick up your phone and let your significant other know what you mean to them. There’s no better feeling in the world than hearing those three letters first thing on Valentine’s Day and it’d put you on a nice pedestal for the rest of the day.

Call Delivery And Order Your Significant Other’s Favorite Meal.

You can surprise your loved one by ordering his or her favorite meal and having it delivered to his or her doorstep! This is another option that you can do before your “Skype date” happens (rather than buying or making individual meals that you’ll both eat together on your date. That way, you can also eat the same food you ordered for your loved one to make it look like you’re “actually together”) or when you can’t have a “Skype date” due to unexpected reasons.

Never Discuss Your Friends’ Plans 

The more you discuss about other couples, the more you sabotage your own plans. So, take our word for it and don’t start a discussion over how your roommate is spending this Valentine’s. Instead, try and make an effort to ensure that the focus of every discussion is your relationship and how you would love to make it special for each other.

Have A Date Through Skype/Facetime.

Luckily for our generation, long-distance relationships are easier to handle because we have the opportunity to communicate with our far off significant other (anytime and anywhere) through technology! So for you guys to have a “Skype date” on Valentine’s Day, plan ahead by choosing the best time that the both of you can be online for a few hours or so to have a “meal together” and talk throughout the time being. Also, don’t forget to dress up (the both of you!) so it would look like you’re on an actual date!

Buy A Customized Gift

Some of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts are flowers, cards and candy, but if you can't spend the day with your loved one, buying them a customized gift may be the way to go. If your Valentine has a sweet tooth, you can add a touching message or personal photo on their favorite candy. M&M's lets you choose from 25 colors and allows you to add a short saying, Valentine-themed art or a picture on the chocolate candy pieces. The personalized candies come in a variety of super-cute packages. Another cool gift idea is to send your loved one a journal with sweet messages and thoughts.

Then Plan A Surprise Visit And Sweep Them Off Their Feet

Now, some of you might be looking for a next-level idea for this Valentine’s Day and it can’t get any bigger than this. If you are just fed-up with all the miles in-between and can actually afford it, then go ahead and make the trip. Surprise her by ringing the doorbell of her house in the morning and sweep her off her feet.