Stunner & Rebel Putting In That 'Work'

I personally knew Rebel from back in the day when I was doing Hiphop & Spoken Word which i was hosting. There i got to discover alot of buzzing and fresh talent, which made me certain that the future of Ghanaian Hiphop was bright. That was where I met Rebel, who was one of my major surprises. It was a good feeling to see a female emcee who could have a feel day with rap and give her male counterparts serious run for their money. We had lost contact after sometime, but when I heard she was doing something with another stunning hiphop sensation, Stunner, I could not just keep it to myself anymore.
    And so this is how the story goes

StunnerGh saw a video of Rebel on YouTube. Liked what he saw, listened to all her tracks on soundcloud and followed up on all her socialmedia pages because in her words "Dopest female emcee" was all he heard. She followed back and liked his stuff too and exchanged numbers. She said "dope, let's work.

 and two or three days stunner sent her original beats from DJ Segu for her to choose. She did and a day later they met for the very first time and recorded what is being said "best underground Ghanaian track to be released." By DJ Oxy who recorded and mixed the song. Release date is said to be 02-02-16. A studio session video and interview on the making of the song will be released this week. Wait on it. NB!! It is rumored that there'll be collaboration from these two underground giants for Rebel's "LOVE & SOS (and some other s*it)" Mixtape featuring the underground. StunnerGh is also said to release a simple but dope video for his track "Game Time" late February. #DreamersInc