I Will Stand For President In 2028 - Samini

High Grade Family frontman, Emmanuel Andrews Saminiknown in the showbiz circles as Samini, has divulged plans to become Ghana's president in the year 2028.
The 34-year-old musician revealed this on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue on Monday, January 25, saying “If everything goes as I have planned, I should be president in 2028.”
According to the "Linda" hitman, he believes he has the capacity and ability to run the country.
“In 2028, I will be 44, I believe I can run a nation. I will start with being the MP for my hometown, maybe. A young man like me, after the things I have seen in other countries, will not sit there to be bribed.”
When asked what he would do as president, Samini said he will not hesitate to fire ministers who fail to report to their offices on time.
“When I become president, I will sack every minister who does not get to work on time,” he opined.