Nicki Minaj Is Actually Happy About Meek Mill and Drake's Beef


Nicki Minaj is getting her cake and eating it, too! Even though Drake and Meek Mill’s feud is creating tension in her relationship with Meek, and reports I received learned she secretly loves that two men are fighting over her.
Fans are eating up the feud between Drake, 28, and Meek Mill, 28 — they’re loving all the jabs the rappers are throwing at each other. And someone else who’s loving the feud is Nicki Minaj, 32. She loves that two men are fighting over her. It makes her feel like a “princess,” reportshas EXCLUSIVELY learned. 
“Nicki loves this feud between her dude and Drake for several reasons: one, it’s good for business and two, it makes her feel like a princess. Every woman has dreamed of having two successful and handsome men fight to take her on a date and Nicki’s currently experiencing that,” according to a source.

Drake is actually hopeful that his fight with Meek Mill will drive Nicki to dump Meek. Drake believes Meek is ruining Nicki’s status. “Drake feels the more and more this idiot opens his mouth, the closer Nicki is to leaving him,” a source said. “Drake thinks Nicki has got to be embarrassed of him. He’s seriously ruining her image and her status. Drake knows that at some point Nicki is going to end things with him.”
So perhaps Drake should use that theory to his advantage, and just keep dissing Meek until Nicki dumps him. Then, Drake can swoop in and start dating her himself.
Meek, however, wants Nicki to publicly take his side and badmouth Drake, but she has yet to do that. Maybe it’s because she loves that they’re fighting over her.