All You Need To Know About The Y Campus Express (YCE) FanClub

Ycampus Express fan club is an initiative of Ycampus Express radio show. The club was formed about a year ago through organization of listeners or fans of the show who are students.
At a point in time, the producer and host of the show realized that there would be the need to bring together all student listeners to build a creative conglomerate to work towards making student life and its aftermath a wonderful one since the show is basically for students.
Initially, the club was virtual and almost existed on social media etc, but the club and its existence was materialized not too long ago when the show started organizing members on the various campuses into branches of the fan club.
Currently, the club has branches in 11 major tertiary institutions namely, University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah university Of Science and Technology, Central university college, Ghana Technology University College, Accra Poly, Takoradi Poly, Ghana Presby University college, Cape Coast University, Ghana Institute Of Journalism and Lancaster university. The club has about 400 members across the tertiary institutions.
Every school has three officers heading the local club and serving as a link between the student members and the general club's executives. the club has four general executives who manage the whole club as well as make sure that the radio show is always a success. Upon registration, students are entitled to many benefits.
Through the YCE fan club, the show has representation on most of our tertiary campuses and through that listeners get informed and entertained with news and craft as is it on their various university campuses.
The motive behind the formation of the club first and foremost is to  aid students with internships, business development, skills etc, also to engage students with the Y Campus Express Radio Show by giving members the opportunity to participate in radio discussions and also form part of the production team for the YCE radio show through reporting, writing, talent exhibition etc and finally, to promote the YCE brand on tertiary institution as well as increase listenership and make the radio show commercially viable.
The fan club is currently looking forward to having members on all tertiary institutions in Ghana and is also aiming at being able to bring the radio show to every single  campus so as to perfect the name Ycampus Express!