Who are fake friends????

Many people be like "f#*k fake friends", fake friends this, fake friends that. But don't you think we forgetting something? 
What makes a friend fake? When we find out a friend talks ill of us to another friend, then we be like that friend is being fake, he or she is a hater, so on n so forth. Oh Yh, they might be fake but what are you?
The most annoying part of it all is when you know a friend has wronged you, yet you just shut up about it and when the person is around you act all cordial and nice but when he or she leaves you talk badly about him. That makes you the "fakest". Coz you doing even worse by telling others bad things and pretending to be nice as well. You call them fake friends, let them know who they are. It's true, not all friends are the best to keep, but trust me if he or she wasn't meant to be, it wouldn't be. So each and every one we've met or would soon meet had or has a role to play in our lives. Learn to appreciate friends and stop talking about them being fake. We all, at a certain point in our lives, have been fake. Therefore if you point finger at a friend calling her fake,know that the other three fingers are pointing to you. 
This is what I think about fake friends,you can join in the discussion by leaving a comment below.