Katy Perry Fires Back At Taylor Swift? Officially Registers New Song ‘1984’

Katy Perry’s revenge song may very well be on its way! As Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ continues to gain traction on the Billboard charts, Katy has officially registered a new track called ‘1984.’ Will she totally diss Taylor in the song!?

Uh-oh, Taylor Swift, look out! Katy Perry has a new song on its way, and according to music publisher BMI’s website, it’s called “1984.” Yep, as the feud rages on, Katy is preparing a track with the title of the year she was born…just like Taylor did for the title of her last album, 1989. Oh snap!
Okay, so what exactly does it mean for an artist to register a song? “1984” is now officially a legal, copyrighted piece of music, which means it could definitely be on it’s way sometime in the near future!

“Katy things revenge is a dish best served cold,” a friend of the 30-year-old told HEAT. “She’s even more determined to show people what she called ‘the real Taylor.’ She’s writ in some big, anthemic-type song that’ll feature dirt on Taylor that John’s told her from when they used to date.”