Full List Of Winners At The 2015 Fashion Icons Awards

The Fashion Icon Awards 2015 which was slated for the 14th June, 2015 at the Lifestyle Gallery indeed did happen but we cannot say it was a successful event as organisers would have wished. Well, we cannot blame the failure of the event on the organiser as at now as the rains was the major reason for the failure of the event. The event which was scheduled to start at 5pm ended up starting at about 10pm as the rains kept falling throughout the night, forcing many people who had planned to be at the event to stay at home. Lydia Forson, Efya and Beatrice Arthur were nominated in the Female Personality of the year at the Fashion Icon Awards and Lydia Forson picked the award beating the other two nominees. Lydia Forson, Efya and Beatrice all didn’t show up for the award show and attributed it to the rains. Wiyaala won the honorary award and she also didn’t show up for the event but her award was picked by a rep present. Julee won the female model of the year for the second time and Steven Kojo won the male model of the year. The award show was hosted by TV personality Selly Galley alone as Amanda Jissih who was supposed to be a co-host didn’t also show up-probably the rains drowned her dress.The  few fashionistas present amazed us with their fashion swag. See below the full list of winners and some photos from the event.

Best Female Model Of The Year
Julee Djoulde Bocoum                           

Male Model Of The Year - Stephen Kojo Owusu and Female Model Of The Year
Best Male Model Of The Year
Stephen Kojo Owusu

Accessory Brand Of The Year

Female Personality Of The Year
 Lydia Forson Male

Personality Of The Year
 Chester Anie

Contribution To Fashion-Organisation

Contribution To Fashion-Textile

 Next Rated Designer Of The Year
 Abrantie The Gentleman

Brand Of The Year
 Mina Evans