From Bruce Jenner To Caithlyn Jenner. See Who Covers For The June Edition Of Vanity Fair

There has been a lot of drama in the Khardashian house lately.It's
always one thing or another..But the one that shocked all of us was
Bruce Jenner admitting to feeling like a woman and planning on
undergoing a sex change to become a woman.

As crazy as that would seem,Bruce Jenner reportedly  underwent a
secret 10 hour  sex change surgery to become the woman she has always
wanted to be and always felt she was.

Caitlyn Jenner as he is now called is the cover of the June edition of
The magazine,Vanity Fair. In the issue; Caitlyn talked about the reason
she made the gender switch;claiming she did not do it for the media
hype or attention but she did it because that is who she is and she
hopes that by liberating herself, she has inspired others like her to
come out of the closet.

Well,Personally, i think Caitlyn Jenner's Gender is her business and i
hope she finds true happiness with the way she is now.