Crisis in Ghana. Who is to be blamed???😕

"John Mahama", I know most would say, but what we facing in Ghana now isn't something that started two(2) or three(3) years ago. It started long ago and the fault is from we the citizens of this nation. Lawlessness, bribery, corruption and refusing to be educated is what has caused this nation. There's high rate of illiteracy in this country and we refuse to learn too. Let's take for instance, the behavior of some commercial drivers after the directives of the Driver and Vehicle Lincensing Authority(DVLA) chose to implement a regulation, passed in 2004 that all passengers an drivers should put on seat belts and also for drivers to attain a certain minimum level of education before allowed to drive. They didn't agree and even left commuters of the society they found themselves,stranded.
I'd say the government has a fault in this slow development of our dear nation because of the high record of bribery and corruption amongst officials. Most infrastructures built in this country are not maintained, officials wait for it to spoil or break down before it is reported to be weak or faulty. We the citizens too don't take good care of government properties we choose to do anything at all with it and when you approach some of them they ignorantly say "Abi it's not my fathers property?" , forgetting this nation belongs to each and everyone of us. It's not only the president who accounts for the country, we do too. So let's think critically about what we do and say for this country to  become a better place for us all. 
The most appalling and yet most practiced unlawful behavior is the litering and dumping of refuse at places we shouldn't.
This is the most talked about yet most Ghanaians still do it then when the rains come down and it floods, they shift blames to the government. Let's all stand together work hand in hand with the government to eliminate filth.
Also,building structures on water ways and places where we shouldn't. When buying lands from a land owner we should look out for all these things before purchasing. 
All these fail to be halted just because law and order cannot be implemented in this country because bribery and corruption. 
Fellow Ghanaians, if u believe and know Ghana can be a better place for us all, let's all come together as one to drive away bribery and corruption.
This didn't start with one person so it won't take one person for a change, we need each other for a change therefore let's stop this blame game and start doing something and very fast.