Thanks To John Cena We Can Be Looking At A Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Re-Union

Yeah, yeah you aren't reading a wrong headline. John Cena could actually be responsible if Wiz and Amber get back together. Hints on a possible reunion sparked as Wiz and blue-haired Amber Rose were spotted with their son this past easter.

The John Cena we all know is a WWE Superstar. But According to Hollywood Life, Cena has talked to Wiz Khalifa about a number of personal issues—one being his relationship with Amber Rose. Apparently, after Wiz talked to Cena he reached out to Amber to encourage her to watch his performance on WWE Raw and listen to the words of his song "Go Hard Or Go Home" to help bury the tension in their relationship.

As crazy as all of that sounds, it might have actually worked because not only did Amber recently declare that she still loves Wiz, but the two reportedly spent Easter together over the weekend. All thanks to John Cena.

“Wiz is a real good friend of John’s. He talked to him and a few other guys on a serious level about [‘Go Hard Or Go Home’] and how it made him think about his family and Amber,’ an insider told

Apparently, the more that Wiz talked to John and the other wrestlers about this song, the more he realized how he needed to change his ways and how he thought about his ex. After he was done talking with John, Wiz contacted Amber and asked her to watch his Raw performance, according to this insider