Audio: God Has Given Me Second Chances - Kofi Okyere Darko


Radio personality, Kofi Okyere Darko has told Starr103.5FM he is “surprised” to find himself alive and unharmed after being involved in a deadly accident Tuesday night.

The entertainer lost control of his steering wheel and drove into an articulated track parked on the N1 highway. He escaped death narrowly and has today been discharged from the 37 Military Hospital where he was being examined for post-trauma injuries.

Speaking to Cordelia Ama Selormey and Naa Ashokor on The Zone on Thursday, KOD said he feels “indebted” to God for letting him survive the near-fatal incident.

“I think God has given me many chances and I feel so indebted to him. I know countless people who have gone through that same incident, people have lost relatives in that same kind of situation and Naa if you see the car, and I’m surprised I’m actually on the phone with you right now,” KOD said.

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Source: StarrFmOnline