Watch: Angry Weezy Throw's Microphone And Walks Off Stage

Lil Wayne, a couple of years ago released an anthem “Go DJ” but after yesterday’s debacle, I don’t think he might think of performing that song anytime soon.  During Thursday night’s performance at Nova Southeastern University, Florida, Tunechi was performing on stage and was about to do his remix of “Coco”, but was interrupted by the DJ’s inability to play the right version of the song (he accidentally threw on the OG version).
The result? A furious Lil Wayne staring down his DJ and throwing the mic at him before storming off stage. And notice the speed he puts behind the toss as well. It's clear he was pissed.
This all goes down a day after a prank call sent a SWAT team to Tunechi’s Miami pad, and had the internet in a frenzy. Tune can't catch a break right now.

Watch out as his Free Weezy Album Drops Soon.