Korede Bello

Mavins’ Darling Boy Korede Bello, in an exclusive interview with the The Nation has stated surprisingly that he never dreamt of being in the musical limelight buth rather saw himself as a footballer or an accountant whiles growing up

Mavin’s mega super star, Korede Bello, sees music as a career to serve humanity and his type of music called sweet music not restricted to a particular genre. The Godwin crooner in this chat with FAMUYIWA DAMILARE said his fans should expect better works and more visibility from the stables of Korede Bello and Mavin Records anytime from now.

FOR how long have you been in music?

 Professionally, I have been doing music for five years now, but music has been part of me ever since I was a kid, even back to my primary school days. So it has been a long way to come at and I really thank God. As you can see, here we are.

How Old Are You?

(Laughs) honestly I am old enough and young enough to do music.

Judging You Facially, You Look So Young. How Would You Have Started Five Years Ago Professionally?

Of course, Michael Jackson started right since he was five, doing music professionally. So, I don’t see it as something impossible for me to have started music at the early stage of my life. Music is just part of me. It is what I have always wanted to do as a passion. I will just say it is pretty much cool.

Back Then, Did You Ever Believe You Were Going To Be A Musical Artiste?

No, I have never thought of that. And funny enough, I have always wanted to be a footballer or an accountant. I didn’t really see music as a career. Actually, I saw it as a passion and a hobby. I didn’t know I was going to do music professionally until recently, during my secondary school days. I go to the studio doing recording seriously. I started seeing music as my life purpose. I see it as an opportunity to serve humanity.

When People Regard You As An Upcoming Act, Do You See Yourself In That Direction As Well?

When somebody goes to school and is in primary one, will you call the person upcoming student? Or when you just get a job in the bank will you be called an upcoming banker? But for me I will say people are entitled to whatever title they choose to give artistes, but it depends on the artiste; ‘how you see yourself.’ I see myself as a musician, I see myself as a mega super star and that is all that matters. I will advise artistes not to go along with that upcoming title because you might just remain upcoming forever. So you had better see yourself as a musician and a servant to humanity. Is there upcoming pastor? If there is none, why upcoming artiste?

Will You Say Music Is A Fulfilment To You At This Stage You Are?

I am very proud to be a musician, especially to be one. As I said, I see music as a purpose, and whenever people feel the vibes; whenever they sing along with me doing my thing; whenever people claim the blessing embedded in my song, it is joy and I sense fulfilment along. When you listen to the Godwin song it is like a prayer. And whenever you get people singing that kind of song, I will tell you it is fulfilling, because it is like you are doing something positive – serving humanity.

Do You Do Music Fully As At Now Or Are You Still Looking To Becoming An Accountant Or A Footballer?

You see, only God knows man’s intention better than he does. But right now, I intend to do music full-time. Apparently, as time goes on, one should be able to diversify and look into different sources of income. But right now I do music fully, like you met me rehearsing with the band preparing for a live band performance at an event.

You Started With A Hit Song Titled I Love Naija, And Back Then People Regarded You As The Ultimate Lover Boy Because You Did Soul Music And R&B Basically. So What Transpired When You Got The Record Deal With MAVIN?

You see, my style of music is called ‘sweet music,’ not R&B, not hip-hop; I do ‘sweet music.’ And I am saying this because I don’t see music by how it sounds. The content of the message also defines my type of music. So I am not restricted to doing R&B or Afro pop or dancehall. If you listen to Godwin it is different from Cold Outside, different from African Princess. African Princess is R&B/Jazz/Afro-soul; while Cold Outside is Pop/R&B/Afro pop and Godwin is High-life. For me, it is the message at the end of the day. Whether it preaches love and peace, music is expression and the message in your expression is all that matters.

When People Call You Ultimate Lover Boy, It Left Many With No Choice Than To Admit He Is In Love. So Who Are You In Love With?

I am in love with my fans. When I am talking about my fans, I mean everybody that supports the team. God bless you all pretty much.