I Am Not On Drugs - UCC SRC Presidential Aspirant

I’m sure you might have heard of or watched the leaked videos of one Nana Abena Korkor Addo, a student of the University of Cape Coast which has gone viral on social media since yesterday.
Well, the girl claims she is responsible for leaking her own videos and although I’m tempted to think there is something wrong with her ‘upstairs’, she says claims there’s nothing wrong with her and all is well.
In a short video circulating on Instagram, Nana Abena Korkor Addo says;
“I won’t do any blame game, nobody paid me anything… I posted everything myself. I’m not on drugs, they can come and test my blood…what is my course? Bio-medical and Forensic Science. Check background before you act!”
The University of Cape Coast has begun investigations into the matter and the SRC President of the institution Francis Kwabena Arthur says, Nana Abena had not been confirmed as a candidate for their imminent SRC elections so therefore she could not hold herself as such.

Well, my little checks suggest Abena is a female activist and a member of The African Research Academies for Women, an organization with a mission to encourage and inspire STEM education among African women.