NEWS: Itz Tiffany Reacts To The Leaked Sextape

Under fire female Ghanaian musician, Itz Tiffany has blamed the devil for her current troubles sparked by a leaked sex tape. “I leave all to God. What the devil wants to do is to destroy me but this is not going to stop me from walking into the studio to record. Before anything happens to anybody God knows why it happens to you. It happened, I will deal with it, it’s my past it’s caught out with me but life goes on.” A one-minute video which went viral on social media appears to show the female artiste having sex with her ex-husband when they were married. Tiffany has said she will sue her ex husband for releasing the tape to embarrass her. Itz Tiffany took to social media page, Twitter last Friday to respond to her critics saying she’s not new to this. Speaking with an Accra based Joy FM, Itz Tiffany confirmed she was the one in the video but
explained that the video “was shot 6 years ago with my ex-husband. I was engaged with him, I had a child with him, sadly enough he has been able to keep the video for six years and wants to do what he is doing but forgetting that we have a baby together, he’s just not disgracing me, he is disgracing himself and his family.” “I apologize to Ghanaians this is nothing planned. It’s sad. We’ve been battling for custody of my son for a while now. My son is in the UK, he has my son.” Although she said her ex-husband threatened to release such tapes, Itz Tiffany said “I never thought he will do it. When the video was recorded it was funny you can see I was laughing.” She further explained that, her ex-husband abused her during the marriage and did not want her to pursue her music career; “I want to do music, he doesn’t want me to do music, he wants me to have babies and stay at home.” 

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