DJ TIPS: How To Write A Good DJ Bio And Stand Out.

Your DJ Bio is one of the first things people will notice when researching your Soundcloud or social media pages. As such, it’s important for your bio to draw people in and make them want to listen to your music or mixes. By adding an interesting DJ Bio, you’ll draw in more fans and listeners in no time. This article will outline a few ways to write a good DJ bio and thus exponentially increase your fan base.

1. Focus On Your Strengths

What makes you unique? What’s interesting about the music that you play? Where are you from? What kind of audience do you appeal to? The goal in answering these questions is to find what unique skill set you have.

Another technique to find these answers is to ask your friends, “What do you find interesting about me as a DJ?” This will lead to answers and ideas that you may not have even considered.

Following these steps should teach you how to write a good DJ Bio.

2. Keep It Simple

No one wants to read a DJ Bio that goes on forever. Because of this, length and ease of readability is important to consider when thinking about how to write a good DJ Bio.

Ideally, your Bio should be 5-6 sentences at most, and it should highlight important information such as where you have residencies or play regularly.

If a promoter asks you for a longer version of your Bio, be sure to highlight any accomplishments you may have achieved. These include things like events you’ve thrown, record labels you’ve worked with, or radio shows or podcasts you’ve been involved with.

3. Avoid Clichés

There’s nothing worse than adjectives like “Epic” or “Banging” in a DJ Bio. Things like these will make you seem clichéd and unprofessional. Promoters, bloggers, and all other music industry professionals will immediately ignore profiles that use adjectives like these. Instead, opt for a more minimal bio that doesn’t overzealously sell yourself.

Another thing you should avoid is, “Support from: Hardwell, Tiesto, The Stafford Brothers, Timmy Trumpet etc..”. Unless these artists have actually played your track live or in a mix, do NOT write this. Ever.

These three easy steps should help you learn how to write a good DJ Bio. Once you have a quality DJ Bio, you’ll be one step closer to giving both you and your music a strong online presence.