4 Habits No Guy Wants His Girlfriend To Have

Ladies; ever had that one really cute boy you liked and actually thought
you would be spending the rest of your life with but then all of a
sudden he loses interest in you? Then you start asking yourself where
you went wrong?

Well; truth is you might probably have done one these things which put him off;


Ladies,I know y'all hung up on that Mi. Casa,Su Casa thingy but there
are something’s which belong in His Casa that you should not touch and
his phone is definitely one of them. No guy wants a girlfriend who will
always try to figure out his password the minute he lives his phone
behind...I mean it’s an IPhone not a Our phone ladies

Sisters, No guy likes a girl who is insecure. I mean who likes to hear
someone yammer on about how you don’t like them talking to that girl or
how u don’t want him. Liking the other girl's pictures. Sure he might want to
f**k her but please at least act like u trust your man.

Don't Try To Act Like A Man
Again; no man likes a woman who is her own man...I mean we dig the whole
Miss Independent thing but please. Sometimes you just got to sit
back and let us be the man because obviously that is what we were made to

Lots Of Request
Also ladies, y'all got to chill with the high maintenance thing. He is your man not IMF or World bank. Nothing sends a guy outta the door
faster than a lady whose favourite words are "I want this, I want
that"...The only kind of guys who wouldn’t mind that behaviour are the
Bill Gate kind of guys and trust me they are harder to find than you can imagine