Watch Justin Bieber’s Sad Valentine’s Day Video: Missing Selena Gomez?

If you follow the news, you’d probably know by now Justin will always think Selena is “the one.” I learned that he can’t find “the same feeling with any other girl but Selena.” He holds her on a higher pedestal than any of the other girls he’s been with. This Valentine’s Day must be difficult for Justin. He’s been convinced that Selena would come back to him eventually, and it looks like that’s not happening now more than ever. Selena Gomez on the other hand Still Thinks About Justin Bieber. Justin will always have a place in Selena’s heart no matter what. Even though she’s with Zedd, she’s still looking out for him. Selena posted a hot picture with Zedd on Feb. 9 and wrote a very flirty caption. She quickly deleted the caption because “she doesn’t want to hurt Justin.” But hold your horses, Jelena fans. Selena is very happy with Zedd and looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day with only him.

Watch the emotional instagram video here

Happy Valentine's Day

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