Is sex a necessity in relationships?

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Sex,they say is a way of bonding more with your spouse.But  its hard these days to find a spouse who's gonna stay with u for the right reasons. Everyone has a reason for doing things, same way they've got reasons for going into relationships,some go in for the right reasons of finding a suitable life partner,others choose to go in just for the fun of it because in this 21st Century, when you dont find yourself in any relationship,you are seen as a "JON" boy or girl.There are others who date because of sexual pleasure.

 Amongst the youth of today,you'd be teased and called all sort of names such as "KOLO" or "YAWA" when you are known to be a virgin.Some even tell you that "VIRGINITY IS NOT DIGNITY BUT LACK OF OPPORTUNITY".
Talking from the Biblical perspective,its written that we should abstain from sex till marriage.Sex before marriage is even termed in the Bible as FORNICATION which in its own way, a from of sin. Therefore, sex shouldnt be something one should base on when in a relationship. If your spouse really loves you he or she is willing to wait no matter what, till marriage.
Now talking from the sex education perspective,sex in relationships has caused a lot in our world today. This has brought increase in STD's,unwanted Pregnancies etc. This has caused more of the youth to engage in sexual activities. The word "LOVE" has lost its worth. Youngters(especially girls),end up with heart breaks when their boyfriends end it with them after they are through with whatever they wanna do.Some even go to the extent of committing suicide just because they were left heartbroken.

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With all said n done,I'd conclude that sex isnt  and shouldnt be a necessity in relationships.Yh,sex makes it more fun but what if you been in five(5) different relationships and none of those relationships end up in marriage, meaning you'd have had sex with five different people before finding the person you gonna spend the rest of your life with. So its best to wait  till marriage to have sex. One(1) out of ten(10) relationships end up in marriage,same way one(1) out of ten relationships survive when sex tends to be a necessity.
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